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Interior Designer

Career Advice on How to Become an Interior Designer

Interior Designer Careers, General Information

Interior designers can work in almost any space, including residential and commercial spaces, as well as airports, shopping malls, schools and hotels. Most interior designer careers consist of making spaces more attractive and functional. And this can occur in a variety of ways, ranging from furniture selection to paint choices. More and more, people looking for interior designer jobs are finding work at the building phase of design. They often consult with architects as to the best placements for a wide variety of architectural details. People on the job search for careers as interior designers will very likely find themselves working in a wide variety of circumstances.

Interior Design Careers, Career Facts:

Here are some facts that will be useful for interior design career planning. Interior designer jobs mean working more and more with architects, which means that a basic knowledge of blueprints will be quite helpful. Increasingly, interior designer jobs mean using computer-aided design or, CAD, in much of their work. It will further surprise many to learn that interior designers are often called upon to know a fair amount about such topics as electrical and fire safety.


Interior Designer Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

Believe it or not, there is pretty healthy demand for people working interior designer jobs, to tell other people where and how to position their pillows. As of 2006, there were a small army of 72,000 people working in interior design careers, running around the nation telling us things like, “its all wrong, all wrong” and that those “drapes couldn’t possibly work with that chair,” and so on. 

The job growth for interior designer careers is expected to be nineteen percent between 2006 and 2016. This means that there will be 14,000 new people looking down their noses at the rest of us about where we put our end tables and place our beds.

Job Outlook is Good

Interior Design Jobs, A Day in The Life:

Most people working interior designer careers see themselves as indispensable artists and are inclined to act as such. Interior designers show up at jobs and immediately try and make their relatively marginal work seem indispensable to maintaining civilization. Screw heat and electricity and having a roof over your head, what you really need is proper plant placement and the proper shower curtain selection. 
But, its not all fun and games for interior design careers, as interior designers often have to work with mean-spirited housewives and trophy wives. They will also work with a large array of people that expect them to work miracles with tiny amounts of money.

Interior Designer Careers, Average Salary:

So what does pillow arranging pay these days any way? The average interior designer career can bring about $42,000 annually. The top ten-percent of interior designers can expect to average about $78,000, but those with many wealthy clients or celebrity clients could expect to receive much higher earnings in the interior design career.

$42k – $78k


Interior Design Career Training and Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degrees are generally recommended for the competitive field of interior design careers, but there are also programs that offer Associates Degrees. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design currently have about 250 recognized institutions that award degrees. Twenty-three states require licensing in order to pursue an interior design career.