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Cartoon Character Impersonator

Cartoon Character Impersonator

Career Advice on How to Become A Cartoon Character Impersonator

Hope you don’t care much for personal dignity.  The life of a cartoon character impersonator is a sad one.  Here is what we are looking at, people.  An individual puts on a suit designed to look like famous cartoon characters.  He or she then heads out to parties to act like whatever buffoonish cartoon character they have to portray.  Usually, this means that the cartoon character impersonator will find him or herself showing up at a child’s birthday party or other type of children’s party.  Sometimes cartoon character impersonators are able to survive without too much damage to body, psyche or mind, but this is sadly a rare occurrence.

Career Facts:

Homelessness or cartoon character impersonator?  This is the decision that many in this profession are faced with shortly before they decide to start their job search.  They will then squeeze themselves into these hot and stuffy costumes of humiliation.  To be certain, there are many that enjoy their work as a costume character impersonator.  Be wary of these people, as they likely have numerous bodies buried, if not in their backyards, then somewhere.

It is possible to make a decent living humiliating oneself as a cartoon character impersonator.  Some cartoon character impersonators work for agencies that send them out on jobs (sort of like pimps), while others work freelance as independent contractors.  It is possible to make a good living, however, especially through tips given by rightfully embarrassed and guilty parents.  As a cartoon character impersonator, you are something of a human piñata and the parents know it.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:

So what should you do for career planning before getting started as a cartoon character impersonator?  In cities like Los Angeles and New York, there will always be enough wannabe actors on supply that the job of cartoon character impersonator will stay filled.  In terms of career opportunities, this is something of a dead end job as there is no such thing as “cartoon character foreman.” 

A Day in The Life:

Much like the Mall Santa, the Cartoon Character Impersonator begins their day wondering what went wrong.  After that, they spend their day dressed like a giant chicken or dinosaur being humiliated by children.  It is not as glamorous as it sounds.  But at least when children throw food at you, you will be protected by a large furry suit.

Average Salary:

Salary varies greatly, depending upon tips.

Career Training and Qualifications:

The key qualification for this position is a willingness to put on the suit.  One may have to learn how to act like different cartoon characters.  What fun!

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