Women Returning to the Workforce

If you are new to the workforce or returning to the workforce after a long hiatus, there are plenty of easy tips and tricks at the disposal of women returning to work. In fact, many of these tips make the entire process not only simpler, but also fairly interesting. Just as the Internet has forever altered the landscapes of business, education and entertainment, it has also transformed the entire job process when it comes to careers for women. 

Looking for a job, training and educating oneself, and even the interview process have all metamorphosized in recent years. However, through some thoughtful planning and use of the resources on this website, you should be good to go when seeking new careers for working mothers!

Of course, there are a wide variety of reasons or situations that may be causing you to choose to go back to work at this point in your life. However, no matter what your situation may be, it is good idea to clearly define your goals. In short, you need to think about what kind of job you are looking to land. Clearly, your current situation is going to play a critical role. Are you planning on going back to school or college, for example?  Do you need special hours due to your children’s schedules? What was your skill set before you left the workforce? These are the types of questions you need to start asking yourself when seeking careers for women.



Whether you are seeking new careers for working mothers, or a woman returning to the workforce, when you are looking to jump back into the workplace, it is important to assess whether or not you feel you have the necessary skills to land the job you want. Realistically are you qualified to land the job that has the pay level that you desire? If you already have a college degree or a professional degree, then you need to ask yourself whether your skills need some updating.   
Take a look at your skills and knowledge base. For example, if you were a network engineer in 1999 and left the workforce to have children, well the odds are you have a lot of catching up to do. But all you may need to do is brush up on your skills and take some classes. 
Here are a few links for education resources that will help get you pointed in the right direction, towards careers for working mothers.
Help with Scholarship and Grants
Sites for Enhancing Skills for the Job Search

Job Websites

Finding a job these days usually means using the Internet. This often means you will be turning to job websites. Today there are job websites that quite literally span the world. If you are able to relocate, that could help make your task of finding new careers for working mothers a great deal easier. If you are online, you can reach out to potential employers all over the globe.   You can join forums and groups to get assistance and advice from other job seekers. The Internet opens up a whole array of possibilities to women returning to the workforce.

If you haven’t used the Internet to find a job before, don’t worry. Getting pointed in the right direct is really quite simple. Some of the largest job search sites are,,,, to name but a few. 
However, there are also job sites that many women returning to work might simply overlook. One such site is is the official job site for finding jobs in the Federal Government. If you have been out of the workforce for several years, one major change is that government resources have expanded quite considerably. 
Another job site that you should keep an eye on is Craigslist. has been a great place to find jobs of all sorts for years and still remains a good place to look during your job search for working mothers, or women returning to work. Another interesting site is Mom Corps located at This site focuses on websites that are ideal for new careers for working moms.
Whatever you do, don’t forget to look at your local newspaper’s online job section. Local newspapers have definitely stepped up their online presence in recent years. If you can relocate, you can use online newspaper job sections to look by region. Often there will be job openings listed with newspapers in their online section that are simply not available on other sites.

Online Networking

You’ve got to get out there girlfriend! In a sense, for women returning to the workforce, finding a job can be a lot like landing a date. Now maybe you’ve heard this before, but it’s definitely true. Social networking has made finding old high school or college friends, (as well as enemies and rivals) infinitely easier than in days past. Websites like Facebook make it possible for you to reach out and get back in touch with people from your past, as well as your current friends. Countless people have learned that simply updating their Facebook or twitter status to “Looking for a Job” can be extremely effective. They have found only moments later that friends are offering help and guidance.

In this digital era, it would be very easy for people to completely and totally forget that a good deal of people end up getting their job simply through leads from friends. By using social networking, you can let friends and acquaintances know that you are back in the workforce and looking for jobs for working mothers. People love gossip and that will probably never change. Let your old girlfriends know that you are back on the job market (and maybe the “man market” too). Word of this news can often spread fast. Let your friends know what you’ve been up to and what kind of jobs for women you are looking for. You might be surprised what might happen as a result of getting the word out about your situation.
In terms of digital networking, one of the biggest mistakes that people can make is to focus on just one website. Don’t fall for this trap, as there are many good digital networking opportunities beyond Facebook. For example, LinkedIn (located at is another great social networking site. Unlike Facebook, which is often dominated by pictures of eighteen year olds documenting their projectile vomit for future digital historians, LinkedIn is definitely more serious. It is for business people and professionals looking to network and many women returning to work have found a job or great connection to jobs for working mothers through sites like LinkedIn.
List of Social Networking Sites that Can Lead to Jobs for Working Mothers:

Other Networking Opportunities

In this digital era, sometimes the notion of meeting people in person can be somewhat alarming. However, interpersonal contact was how people often found jobs back in the 1980 and 1990s and, well, through the rest of history too! Look for networking opportunities and make new ones if necessary. It’s great to let everyone at your church or synagogue know that you are back in the workforce, but don’t stop there. By branching out to different social networks you can effectively reach entirely different spheres of people that may know of entirely different types of opportunities for working mothers and women returning to the workforce. 

If you end up taking some classes before starting your job search, you can very quickly expand your sphere of influence. Check out the classes being offered by your local community college or state college. Often you can find very interesting classes for minimal cost. The Learning Annex is one good source for community classes. You can also add skills to your resume quickly through adult courses.
One of the easiest networking moves you can make is to find out what kind of networking activities your old college or university might have. After all, it’s the least they can do after the amazing amounts of money you gave them, right? Many colleges and universities have groups spread out across the country. In fact, most of these groups can be found on social networking sites like Facebook. 
Look for other type of groups or activities where you can meet lots of new people and network with other women returning to work. If you have children, joining the PTA might be a great place to meet and interact other moms and gather insight from their job search for working mothers. Don’t be afraid to volunteer either. All sorts of people volunteer. There are so many important and wonderful organizations that need help. Not only will this volunteer work help you meet people, but you can put it on a resume. Also consider joining local groups or activities in your community. The more people you meet, the more you increase your chances of getting a direct lead to jobs for working mothers. (located at is a great website for meeting people with a wide variety of different interests.
Many of us forget that there is still a great deal of human interaction going on in person. Finding a job for working mothers and women returning to work may quite literally be as easy as finding a new friend. For all you know you might meet a future boss or co-worker while walking your dog, jogging or when you join that mountain climbing group. The key is to network creatively.

The Importance of Presentation

It is important to take the steps to make yourself as polished and presentable as possible. One simple fact of life is that a good chunk of all human-to-human interaction and beliefs is based on perception. People get jobs every single day, not because they are the most qualified or are even qualified, but because they look and act the part. Perception is remarkably important and for this reason it pays very good sense to be as presentable and as “together” as possible.
Everyone knows that it pays to look coherent and presentable when showing up for a job interview, but it’s important to consider updating your wardrobe. Should you consult a fashion expert and find a personal stylist? Maybe, especially if you are a professional looking to land a high-paying job for working mothers in a competitive market. This is especially true if you are among the women returning to work who has been out of the workforce for a while. The last thing you want to do is to remind prospective employers that you are “out of touch.” Due to your lack of recent work history, potential employers will have the tendency to make this assumption. For this reason it may very well be critical that you show up looking modern, but age appropriate. If you can’t work with a fashion consultant, perhaps you have a very “hip and stylish” friend who can lend a hand and help give you a modern look.   Even a fresh haircut and make-up can go a long way in landing your job for a working mom.
In terms of presentation, make sure that your resume is as polished as possible. Just like consulting a fashion expert or a fashionable friend, isn’t a bad idea, the same logic can be applied to your resume. Don’t just dust off a resume that is five or ten or twenty years old and say “here you go.” After all you may have worked hard networking to land an interview, so don’t blow it with a resume that says you are out of touch. If you have been out of the workforce for years, account for that time. Find a way to state on your resume that you were learning and growing, no matter what you were doing. Even if your perspective employer is skeptical at least you are showing attention to detail and that you care and have attention to detail. 
Confidence whether you are networking or at a job interview goes a long way. You probably wouldn’t want to date a man who walked up and said, “I know you would never be interested in a loser like me, but is there anyway I could con you into going out on a date with me? Never mind, don’t answer.” Displaying a lack of confidence or being negative can project a similar sort of message. Remember when you are networking to stay upbeat and positive. This is really important because the odds that someone is going to point a depressed, negative person toward a business contact or friend who has a job opening is pretty darn slim. However, if you are bubbly and friendly, no matter what circumstances have prompted you to go back into the workforce, then your attitude will be seen as an immediate plus. Prospective employers love to see people who are friendly, confident, display a good attitude and show resilience in the face of adversity.

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