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  Someone I know just had a wake-up call. He had a heart attack. Thankfully, his prognosis is very good. And now his entire life will be different. This is a post about giving yourself your own wake-up call today, […]

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  When you’re juggling a career, your kids and your aging parent, flexibility is what you crave most in your job. Organizations that address work-family conflict and offer progressive family benefits are described as “family-friendly”. They help employees manage time […]

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  When you are working you never think about the day when you will not have a job. In fact most of us expect to have the same job for a very long time. Usually there does come a time […]

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  Learning how to negotiate the best salary for your new career is an art that you can learn.  It is interesting to note that salary negotiations are often one of the most neglected, not to mention under-rated, efforts of […]

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  When you get the job you want it is time to begin looking at how you want to advance your career. Getting into the job is the first part but advancing in it is something different. One of the […]

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  Regardless of whether you want to undergo a complete career transition or simply a job at a new company, job interviews can be nerve wracking and downright frightening. The best way to your self confidence intact through a job […]

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Job interviews can sometimes be frightening but if you know what to do to prepare for it you will have a good interview and possibly a new career. What all job seekers must understand is that a job interview is […]

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Polishing your resume has never been more important than in today's economy. With so many workers getting laid off and others losing their jobs, it is important to recession proof your resume to catch the eye of a recruiter or […]

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When you first start out in a job or you are between jobs a staffing service can be a great place to get started. Many people start with a staffing agency to get their foot in the door of a […]

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The reaction to a layoff is very different for many people. It can be one of high anxiety, especially for people with very industry specific skills that they feel won’t translate well to other organizations. Or a layoff can be […]

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