Training & Education

College girl with books
If you are going off to college for the first time, you are definitely at the right place to look for options. Yet, no matter what your age may be you can always go back for education and training. Even if you are too old to stay up all night partying with a frat, that doesn’t mean that you should hold off on furthering your education.

When it comes to returning to school, many people opt for business school, medical school and law school. If you aren’t making enough in your current line or work, this additional education can often help you break into making the “big bucks.”

When you are thinking about your career, you will want to think about factors such as the number of available jobs, projected job growth, salary, and, of course, whether or not you actually want to do the job. Don’t get locked into a particular field just because your great uncle from Nantucket told you to do so. Make sure you are happy with the educational path you choose. Also it is important to realize that many people don’t actually end up working in the field in which they get a degree, so try to see college as a place to acquire a broad range of knowledge and skills that you will able to apply to a variety of occupations.

To begin your new career, simply click on one of the educational institutions below and get ready to crack open those books!  

Business School

Stanford University
University of Arizona
University of Phoenix
Arizona State University

Medical Schools

Duke University
University of Pennsylvania
Harvard University
University of Washington

Law School

Stanford University
Harvard University
Yale University