Career Advice on How to Become A Health Educator.

Career as a Health Educator, General Information.

Do you like having awkward conversations with people that may scar them for life?  If the answer is yes, then you may want to put health educator jobs at the very top of your education career planning and job search list.  Health educator careers, consist of working with different groups of people to disseminate health information on a wide variety of topics.  The health educator job, may require helping people learn how to avoid disease, including sexually transmitted diseases, or improve their overall health.  Clearly, with skyrocketing regional levels of obesity and sexually transmitted diseases, health educator careers are in demand, more than in recent decades.

Health Educator Careers, Career Facts:

In a health educator career, you will be working to fill in the health education failures of the education system, where much of the information you teach to your clients should have been learned in the first place.  This stark fact is one that those who are considering entering the profession of health educator should be aware of.  After all, it may prove to be a source of repeated frustration.

Health educator careers often include giving lectures and providing information and literature to different groups of people, ranging from young students to the elderly.  Much of their career work will center on preparing and executing lesson plans that are designed to inform and educate.  They will often have to touch upon medical and health related issues that other educators do not cover.


Health Educator Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

In 2008, the nation employed roughly 66,000 people working health educator careers.  An eighteen percent increase in health educator jobss is expected between 2008 and 2018.
Job Outlook is Good

Health Educator Jobs, A Day in the Life:

Due to the fact that health educator jobs require working for a variety of entities, including government, school systems as well as private enterprise, workdays can vary greatly.  In general, no matter what the setting, the health educator career means working to give students the most accurate information possible, regarding health issues.

Health educators will often visit or work with large groups of people, such as senior citizens and deliver lesson plans centered on medical and health issues.  These lesson plans need to be targeted to the specific audience that is being addressed.  Obviously, a lesson plan aimed at high-school students should be markedly different from one aimed at a room of senior citizens.  Further, health educator jobs, can require dealing with a wide range of medical issues.  These two facts combine to make a career as a health educator one in which a variety of lesson plans and approaches much be designed in order to effectively communicate with students, and have a successful health educator career.

Due to the nation’s aging population of baby boomers who are scheduled to enter retirement and the overall increase in obesity, it is likely that health educator jobs could see a rapid increase in numbers in the coming years.  The health educator job search could be relatively easy.  As national health issues become more serious “front and center” issues, it is quite likely the health educator will be seen as a potential cure for these problems.

Health Educator Jobs, Average Salary:

The average health educator career, can expect to amount to about $44,000 per year, with the top ten percent of health educator jobs grossing roughly $78,000.



Health Educator Careers, Training and Qualifications:

Most of the time a health educator careers, will require holding a bachelor’s degree in a relevant health program.  Master’s degrees are also common for one seeking a health educator job.
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