Arts, Entertainment & Publishing

Arts, Entertainment & Publishing


Arts, Entertainment and Publishing

Okay fancy-pants, so you want a career in the arts, maybe your thinking of entertainment careers, or a publishing job. Well, welcome to the world of waiting tables. Actually this cliché doesn’t have to be your experience. As you will soon find, the world of arts and entertainment careers, and careers in publishing is remarkably vast, just like many other sections of the industry. Finding careers in entertainment, or one of the other areas depends largely on strategy and how competitive of an area you wish to enter.

Arts and Entertainment Careers

Clearly, becoming a filthy rich famous actor who is the subject of numerous paternity scandals comes with a lot of competition. But “famous actor” is not the only job in the field. The arts and entertainment industry is home to all sorts of artists and other professionals. Many people earn a very good living in careers in the arts and entertainment careers. Keep in mind that not everyone is stuck working as a waiter or passing out dressed like a giant duck at an amusement park in the hot Florida sun. There are other options!

All sorts of talented people are working in important positions in arts and entertainment careers, such as camera operator, sound engineering technician, and many other entertainment jobs as well. Why there are even careers for musicians, photographers and choreographers. One just needs to look for them and carefully explore the options in the arts and entertainment fields. The main point is that there is variety abound, so explore the different arts and entertainment jobs that are available to you.

Publishing Careers

The world of publishing is definitely changing due to the Internet and digital distribution of content. But this isn’t to say that entertainment careers such as reporter and proofreader are a thing of the past. As long as people continue to read, many of the publishing jobs will continue unabated. You can also find interesting writing jobs where you can use your verbal skills to assist other people. For example, technical writing is a field within entertainment careers where many writers find their niche.

So if you are feeling like expressing your creative side, just click one of these creative jobs listed here and explore your options for an entertainment career, a career in the arts, or a publishing career!