Agriculture & Environment

Agriculture & Environment

Agriculture Jobs & Environment Careers

If you like animals or like the great outdoors, then you might want to consider agriculture jobs and environmental careers. There is something noble about working with animals and caring for them (that is, with the exception of slaughtering them, which does not fit into this category.)

There is no doubt about it, if you have a nurturing, generous spirit, then an agriculture and environment career might just be the perfect category for your next job.

If you are pondering working with animals, realize that there are lots of ways that you can go. Not all the ag jobs entail working at a veterinarian’s office. In fact, some animal focused jobs can include the zoologist and wildlife biologist. While these types of careers might take a good deal of schooling, you will get to spend time in the wild watching animals, which is a perk in and of itself. More than likely if you are interested in animals, there is probably a niche out there for you in an environmental career.

These days it’s not just the animals that need all the help that they can get. The exact same thing can be stated for the environment as well. Luckily, there are caring souls looking out for Mother Nature, working in an environmental career. If this strikes you as the kind of work that might be of interest, then consider environmental jobs like conservation scientist, geologist and soil conservationist as possibilities. 

Working in the field of agriculture and environment will allow you to have an impact on the world around us. You will also get to spend time outside seeing new places and getting fresh air. Of course, if you end up stationed in Alaska or the Antarctic, you might find that to be a bit too much fresh air, but you get the point.

Of course, feeding the planet is always an option, and that is where the farmer comes in. While it’s true that less people are farming now than in past generations, the world still needs farmers to fill agriculture jobs. Some areas of farming are quite hot, such as organic farming, for example.


If you are interested in careers in the realm of agriculture and environment, start your journey by clicking on any of the careers listed here to learn more!