Retail, Fashion and Cosmetology

Retail, Fashion and Cosmetology


Retail, Fashion and Cosmetology

If you like making people look and feel their best, then you are probably already considering a career in the retail, fashion and cosmetology industry. Some mistakenly believe that the this field is mostly the realm of individuals who live to put potted plants on people’s heads and call it art, but the truth of the matter is that the field of retail, fashion and cosmetology is a little bit more complex than that. In fact, the inner workings of this industry can be surprisingly complicated and fascinating. Just ask anyone that is involved in any capacity.

Certainly fashion designers are high profile in the field. This area is definitely a potential career path for those who like the idea of design new and exciting clothing. Yet, as with every other industry, the fashion industry is more than just the fashion designers. It takes a variety of folks with different levels of expertise to make sure that the final product makes it from the sketchpad and onto the model.

Selling and marketing products is not an inconsequential aspect of the fashion industry. As a result, it is common to find many with individuals with business backgrounds and know-how working in fashion.

The same can, of course, be stated for the retail industry that distributes the clothing once it is manufactured. Maintaining the vast supply chain necessary to keep stores stocked with the latest fashions, and do so profitably, is a challenge that requires the work of various professionals.

The retail, fashion and cosmetology industry is all about making people look their best. If you find this idea appealing, then you might want to consider exploring one of the career paths listed above. Of course, if you are a drop dead gorgeous, 5’11 blonde haired, blue-eyed, 122-pound woman with exotic looks, you might wish to consider the page labeled, “model.”


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