Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics


Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

On any given day, in any given city, things are constantly moving around and being distributed. In fact, on any highway in the world, you will see trucks moving goods from one place to another. Similarly, our skies are full of planes transporting cargo. Of course, often these planes are just transporting people from one location to another. It is no secret that we humans love moving things around! 

The career field of transportation, distribution and logistics will allow you to become a part of this action. You will have a role in providing goods to people that need them. Some of the careers in this field specifically are geared towards air travel. For example, pilot, flight engineer, flight attendant, and air traffic controller are all potential jobs in this arena. When you strip planes down to their basics, they are huge flying masses of metal. Therefore, a lot of people are responsible for these planes running smoothly, efficiently and safely. 

Some of these careers are perfect for those who enjoy working with others, such as the job flight attendant or reservation agent. Plus, if you choose the job of flight attendant, you will be able to travel the world and get paid for it. Just realize that you will be handing out lots of barf bags in the process. You will also have the unique benefit of being exposed to lots of germs while sealed in a flying tube flying towards your destination.

On the other side of the transportation, distribution and logistics category are the transportation managers who ensure that goods arrive on time. Often the transportation manager goes unnoticed, but the person with this job is responsible for getting all the items that you love to buy to your nearest store. Without people in this useful career, we could be left with no food, clothing or shelter. After all, the food needs someone to direct it to your local grocery store.

If you are interested in joining the field of transportation, distribution and logistics, click on one of the links above and “get a-movin.” 


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