Business, Management and Administration

Business, Management and Administration


Business, Management and Administration

Were you one of the kids that wanted to organize all the other kids into a neat little de facto society and start barking orders at them? Did you lie awake at night wondering how to increase you lemonade stand profits while trimming worker benefits and increasing dividends from the neighborhood children? If you answered yes to either or both of these important questions, then you might have what it takes to work in the field of business, management and administration.

The business, management and administration niche affords for a great variety of skill levels, education levels and capabilities. For example, you could find yourself employed as a marketing manager or advertising and promotions manager or working as an executive secretary or administrative assistant. The variety within the business, management and administration field is quite vast. But one fact is for certain, whether you love or hate the paper pushers, the wheels of the machine do come to a halt without them.

Often working in this arena does mean long hours and a good deal of stress. Whether you are the executive with the MBA from the overpriced school or the receptionist who works for the executive with the MBA from the overpriced school, you may find that you are swimming in a pool of stress. 

Yet every job is different, this type of career also encompasses jobs you may have never thought of, such as meter readers, meeting planners, bill collectors and customer service representatives. As you will soon find, there are also managers abound, including public relations managers, purchasing managers and marketing managers, to name just a few. If you like having something to manage, then one of these careers may very well be the perfect one for you. 

So why not try your hand and see if you can become an overnight business tycoon? To learn more about any of these careers, just click away and start your journey towards money, money and more money!

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