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It takes a lot of people with diverse skill sets to keep a national defense up and running smoothly.  There is a common misconception that serving careers in the military, means you will always be in the heart of conflict. The reality is that it takes a great many people working behind the scenes to keep personnel in armed forces careers equipped and supplied in the field.  Today’s vast supply chains means that thousands of people are needed to fill military careers in order to keep American’s soldiers equipped with everything they need to defend the nation and freedom.

The number of American’s currently serving careers in the military is nearly one and a half million people in active duty.  There are another roughly one million individuals serving armed forces careers in the reserves as well.


Careers in the Military, Career Facts:

Most of those who are serving careers in the military are enlisted personnel, approximately eighty-two percent.  The remaining numbers of personnel serving in the armed forces, are officers who work a military career in a managerial capacity.

The term “armed force” applies to the Air Force jobs, Army careers, careers in the Navy, Marine Corps careers, as well as the jobs with the National Guard.  When one starts a career in the armed forces they will be serving in one of these branches of the military.

Not all military careers require personnel to be actively involved in direct combat.  Many who are serving armed forces careers are working in support roles or administrative roles.  People are often surprised to learn that a considerable number of military careers enable personnel to work in areas such as construction, electrical equipment repair or in health care, for example.  The number of different occupations that one can hold with a career in the armed forces is truly staggering and encompasses almost every aspect of human endeavor, ranging from medical and science to engineering and combat.


Military Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

Between 2008 and 2018, the number of people in armed forces careers is expected to stay roughly the same.  Every year over 180,000 people working military careers in the armed forces retire and must be replaced.
Job Outlook is Good

Armed Forces Careers, A Day in The Life:

Due to the very diverse types of jobs and specializations that exist in military careers, the daily experiences of a member in an armed forces career can very greatly.  Obviously, the experience of a soldier who is engaged in combat is totally different from those who are working in a logistical capacity or working careers in the military as medical doctors. 

Careers in the Armed Forces, Average Salary:

Once again, due to the number of specializations and occupations in the military, salary varies greatly as well for careers in the armed forces.

Careers in the Military, Armed Forces Jobs, Training and Qualifications:

Enlisted men often do not have a college degree, but officers usually do have a college degree.  In 2008, the majority of recruits entering careers in the military, about 98 percent, had high school degrees. For an individual beginning an armed forces career, training can be very extensive, ranging from pilots learning to fly airplanes, to electronics repairs, to any number of other skills.  On the job training is, to varying degrees, a constant in armed forces careers, and new training occurs frequently for people serving careers in the military.
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