Career Advice on How to Become A Municipal Clerk

General Career Information

Those who are in the middle of career planning or a job search and interested in working for the government might want to look at a career as a municipal clerk.  Many would say that the municipal clerk is the person who holds much of the government together.  These clerks are responsible for many of the transactions that occur on a daily basis.

Municipal clerks are the people that oversee all the clerical tasks at various government offices and bureaus.  They generally perform a wide variety of functions, such as preparing information to be sent to court, as well as keeping and maintaining various types of records.  If you need a permit, odds are you will become acquainted with your friendly neighborhood municipal clerk since municipal clerks often oversee the issuing of permits and licenses.

Career Facts:

When you cut to the heart of what municipal clerks do on a daily basis, most of them work to make sure that records of various sorts are properly maintained and updates.  With this goal in mind, municipal clerks are the ones who oversee permits of all sorts, ranging from the ever-popular motor vehicle ownership permits, to all sorts of local and state permits.  Municipal clerks perform jobs that most people can scarcely understand due to the fact that the jobs are usually pretty darn boring.  But with that stated, they are also the kind of jobs that someone, somewhere must do or the gears of the government would essentially come to a halt.  In this regard, the municipal clerk is providing a valuable service.  While most of us may not like standing in line waiting for them to get to us, or picking a number (which let’s face it, makes us feel like cattle), the bottom line is the municipal clerk makes sure that things get done.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

Government is expanding, but the overall increase for municipal clerks is expected to be around eight percent between 2008 and 2018. This is roughly average.
Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

Much of the day of a municipal clerk is spent wondering how people can be so perpetually annoying and stupid.  No doubt, much of their day is also spent wondering if they shouldn’t test the job waters elsewhere.  Yet, the job of a municipal clerk can very greatly depending upon the nature of the government job that is held.

Average Salary:

The job of a municipal clerk can be a stressful one, which is an important factor to consider when one is career planning.  The average hourly wage for a municipal clerk is about $17 per hour for state government workers with local workers earning about $15 per hour.



Career Training and Qualifications:

The job requirements vary greatly depending upon the position.
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