Career Advice on How to Become A Food Preparation Worker

General Career Information

Nearly forty percent of food preparation workers are between the ages of 16 and 24.  Now if upon reading this fact you are thinking to yourself, “Gee I am lucky to alive,” or “I bet I have ingested more than my fair share of spit,” well you are probably correct on both accounts.  America loves fast food, just look at how many of us are “pleasantly plump” and growing plumper by the year.  Much of that fatness is thanks to the food and “food products” served up at the nation’s fast food restaurants and prepared by an army of high-schoolers, high-school dropouts and “artists” who need ten years or so to find themselves.  Yes, you are lucky to be alive.

Career Facts:

You have probably determined that it must take a lot of aimless bodies working in unison to feel the daily American’s need for high-fat, high-carb, ultra-low nutrition fast food.  There is indeed an army of food preparation workers quietly spitting into food across the nation.  In fact in 2006n there were about three million food preparation workers who could care less what is in your food and what it was doing to your internal organs.  These food preparation workers might be “washing” your food or preparing it in some other fashion such as slicing or “cleaning” the machines used to prepare it.  Regardless, you can taste the love.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

So how do food preparation workers as far as job growth?  We Americans are not about to get any wiser or thinner.  As a result the job security of the nation’s three million man and woman army of food preparation workers is just fine.  This is important to note on your career planning or job search agenda.  Job growth should mirror the American pants size and continue to grow unabated by the restraints of self-control, common sense or wisdom.
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The “day” for the average food preparation worker begins by falling out of bed, going to the wash room, without washing his hands, driving to work in a daze, narrowing missing a squirrel on the road, then an old lady crossing the street, before finally pulling into the parking lot of one of the many fast food chains the dot the street.  After smoking a cigarette and having a conversation with himself about how cool he is, he heads inside to exercise his free will and cut up some onions for the three pound cheeseburger that a soccer mom will soon feed her inexplicably poorly behaved children. 

The daily life of the food preparation worker varies slightly for the food preparation worker still in high school. He will leave high school and instead of going home and studying and preparing for college, go instead to work and make almost no money.  The reasons behind this are complicated and range from necessity and survival, to parental stupidity and misguided notions.


Average Salary:

A full-time food preparation worker can expect to pull in about $17,000. 



Career Training and Qualifications:

If you can show up to work and not accidentally burn the place down, you will likely keep your job as a food preparation worker. 

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