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General Career Information

Were you the kid that was always trying to build the local game of marbles into a financial empire?  The lure of gambling towns such as Las Vegas might be too much for you to resist. 

If you think working in a casino sounds like fun, then you may have watched one of the many Oceans 11 movies one too many times.  Working in a real casino may be slightly different than the glamorization one sees in Hollywood.  But if you like shiny objects and are easy impressed by furry chest, fake gold chains and tourist tossing their kid’s college funds down the drain, then working as a gaming manager might be what you are seeking in your job search.


Career Facts:

Gaming managers manage the people that work the casino floors helping part people with their money.  These responsibilities include hiring of new minions, training casino workers to be more effective, and setting up worker schedules.  In general, gaming managers help to ensure that the casino is functioning well.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Excellent:

The appeal of gambling has apparently never been stronger.  The job outlook for casino managers is expected to be excellent with a growth rate of twenty-three percent between now and 2006.  This is a reason why many people have added this job into their career-planning agenda.

The days of gambling being limited to just Nevada and New Jersey means that employment is increasingly becoming an option for those living in other states as well.  Those with previous experience in the gaming industry or in hospitality industry should find their backgrounds to be of considerable help in finding a job as a casino manager.

Job Outlook is Excellent

A Day in The Life:

Gaming managers should be prepared to manage a fair amount of employees and most certainly know the rules and regulations that go along with working in a casino.

The life of a gaming manager can be a stressful one. After all, the job title does have “manager” in it.  This of course means that if something does go wrong, the gaming manager could potentially be held responsible.  Work hours can also be long and it is common for gaming managers to work holidays and weekends.  And for good reason, people need to get rid of their money year round and that includes holidays.  Yet, what price can one put on avoiding relatives during the holidays?

Average Salary:

On the plus side, a career as a gaming manager does pay about $62,000 per year.  The gaming manager does earn considerably more than many other employees at an average casino.



Career Training and Qualifications:

It is common for casinos to handle the education of their employees internally.  Yet, all gaming service workers are required to obtain a license from a regulatory agency within each given state in which they work.  Many gaming managers have associate’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees but these degrees are not generally required.

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