Career Advice on How to Become A Housekeeping Supervisor

General Career Information

Most people are unaware the housekeeper needs to be wrangled, but it is true.  The housekeeper supervisor is a housekeeper “wrangler” of sorts that makes sure that housekeepers don’t wonder off the range or get attacked by wolves.  Well, in reality, the job of the housekeeping supervisor is actually not quite that interesting or colorful.  The housekeeping supervisor, as the title indicates, does in fact oversee and supervise the activity of housekeepers.  The word “housekeeper” is being used as a blanket term to cover a variety of cleaning personnel, ranging from janitors and other cleaners, to actual cleaners of houses.

Career Facts:

The housekeeping supervisor handles the scheduling of activities and assigns the different areas that need to be cleaned and how.  Further, since this is a supervisory position, the housekeeping supervisor is required to oversee the work of their crew and make sure that all needed cleaning supplies are on hand.

Additional responsibilities may include hiring and firing of employees and dealing with any major failures that may occur during the cleaning process.  The job may be more demanding than many might suspect, especially at a large and well-visited hotel, for example.  A hotel with hundred of rooms that has a high level of occupancies means a great deal of cleaning, cleaning supplies and opportunities for things, large and small to go wrong on a daily basis.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

Those seeking jobs as housekeeping supervisors should find that there is going to be a healthy fourteen percent jump in positions between now and 2016 so your job search may very well be easy.  These statistics will translate into roughly 570,000 new openings.  Many of these openings will come from the expected growth in home cleaning services. This growth is in part to be fueled the expected wave of retiring Baby Boomers.
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The average day for the average housekeeping supervisor can vary considerably depending upon what type of establishment one is working in and the nature of the work.  Clearly, a housekeeping supervisor working in a large hotel chain will have a different experience and often a different level of responsibility and stress from a housekeeping supervisor working in a small hotel or motel.  In general, housekeeping supervisors oversee scheduling and work to make certain that areas are cleaned when they need to be and in an acceptable fashion.  Usually, what is meant by an “acceptable fashion” is that a given room or area is cleaned well enough that no one can easy tell that it is still in fact dirty. This is, of course, a common practice in hotels.

Average Salary:

So what else do you need to know for your career planning? The average salary for a housekeeping supervisor is about $31,000, and the top ten percent of housekeeping supervisors earn about $51,000.



Career Training and Qualifications:

It is common for housekeeping supervisors to be high-school graduates.  There are also certification programs available as well.

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