Career Advice on How to Become A Locker Room, Coatroom and Dressing Room Attendant

General Career Information

If you don’t mind the idea of fetching meaningless items for other people who are often rude and unappreciative, then there may be a career you have overlooked.  For those seeking a somewhat offbeat job, look no further. Careers as locker room attendants might be something you want to put on your short list for your job search.  The locker room attendant gets to hang out with dirty, sweaty people all day long as they change clothes and shower.  Sound like your dream job by any chance

Other attendants can work as dressing room attendants, where they pretend to care what you look like in a pair of tight jeans and offer to bring you another pair.  This job has attendants helping customers find dressing rooms and help them with any questions.  Much of his or her job centers around making sure that no one steals anything from the store.


Career Facts:

Attendants who work in locker rooms may collect and wash towels and help keep the general locker room area free from complete chaos.  Additionally, they may be called upon the deal with any complaints and know emergency procedures (such as what to do with the 350 pound guy who spent two hours on the treadmill only to drop dead in the shower.)

Clubhouse attendees, who operate much like modern day indentured servants, may be called upon to fetch slippers, polish shoes and act as footstools for important Wall Street banker types who are working on their next big fleecing of America.  It’s a dream job.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

The job of the attendant is likely to expand in the coming years.  Americans are expected to need more people to pick up after them between now and 2016.
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The work of the attendant can vary quite considerably depending upon the job.  Obviously the work of the locker room attendant is usually going to be far more different than that of a dressing room attendant or a coatroom attendant.  While having to attend to a forty-seven year old bitter trophy wife who still thinks she is a size four may not be a treat. However, it certainly beats picking up the hair covered towel of a obese mountain of a man who has decided that “this is the week to get in shape.”  These are simply points to ponder.

Average Salary:

While salaries do vary, on average the attendant can expect to make about $17,000 per year.



Career Training and Qualifications:

How about career planning? There are no real qualifications for the job, but the ability to not say the words, “go get it yourself, jerk” are important for overall job stability and security.

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