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General Career Information

Do you like the idea of traveling to far away and exotic lands, where you can sample new customs, new foods and new ways of living?  Well if so, that’s nice.  However, you won’t be doing that as a travel agent, not unless you’re paying for it that is.  Your average travel agent is a facilitator who helps others travel to the destinations that they desire, but that does not necessarily mean that the travel agent has actually been there.

Travel agents help people make arrangements for trips, which can include helping them arrange accommodations, travel and plan their activities once they are at their destination.  Travel agents can also help their clients by arranging special deals that are available only through travel agents, at least in theory.  The growth of the Internet has certainly changed the travel agent’s work as many people are using the Internet to make their own travel arrangements and find their own ways of saving money.


Career Facts:

Travel agents don’t just arrange travel plans.  These days, travel agents are expected to be sources of information about a variety of practical issues regarding travel.  Many clients now expect travel agents have information concerning vaccinations, passport and visa requirements and a host of other practical information.

Many people use travel agents expecting that a travel agent will know ahead of time whether or not a given hotel or travel destination is a decent buy or a good time.  Those looking for repeat business would be wise to do a good job and direct their clients toward fun and safe locations, hotels and activities.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Poor:

The use of the Internet has most certainly created some serious and substantial challenges for the travel agent.  While many people might still see travel agents as a source of information, they realize at the same time that much of that information is just a web search away.  As a result, the average traveler is becoming less interested in working with a travel agent and more interested in simply handling his or her own travel arrangements.
Job Outlook is Poor

A Day in The Life:

Travel agents help arrange the travel plans for travelers who are departing for points all across the world.  Much of their work will revolve around finding decent deals on airlines, hotels and attractions.  Further, travel agents will make recommendations on everything ranging from the best hotels to the best restaurants to even the best places to visit.

Average Salary:

The average travel agent can expect to earn about $29,000 with the top ten percent earning as much as $46,000.



Career Training and Qualifications:

While it is true that most of the training is on the job, travel agents usually have at least a high-school degree.  It is not uncommon for many travel agencies to prefer candidates who have a college degree or a good deal of travel under their belts.

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