Career Advice on How to Become A Detective and Criminal Investigator.

Criminal Investigator Careers, General Information.

If you like snooping around in other people’s lives, then here is a career that you should truly enjoy.  Working in a detective career or criminal investigator career allows one to spend their time waiting for someone to do something wrong.  This often means that much of the day is spent waiting… waiting for that oh so special moment where one can say, “gotts ya!” Yes, this will actually be uttered out loud just like in all the cheesy movies.  Other times, detective careers will consist of spending one's time investigating the facts of cases and collecting key pieces of evidence.  Yet, that is only one aspect of the criminal investigator career, as detectives also have to perform a good deal of “desk work” in which they fill out reports, and interview witnesses, criminals and potential criminals.

Much of this occupation involves catching criminals. This is the part of the criminal investigator job that will get stressful. The search for a criminal can be difficult as many criminals certainly won’t want to get caught.  As a result, detectives are bound to have a higher level of stress than in many, if not most, other occupations.

Detective Careers, Career Facts:

Just like doctors, detectives and criminal investigators most often have a specialty, which makes a good deal of sense.  Many detectives will investigate murders or fraud for example.  By specializing, detectives and criminal investigators are better able to know what they are looking for and what steps must be taken to more effectively solve a case.


Criminal Investigator Careers, Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

So what will your detective job search look like?  Overall, job growth for detective careers should be about ten percent between 2008-2018, which is roughly the national average for all jobs.  Increases in population will play a major role in keeping the criminal investigator job growth rate at roughly the average mark.
Job Outlook is Fair

Detective and Criminal Investigator Careers, A Day in The Life:

Detectives and criminal investigators work hand in hand with other police officers in maintaining law and order.  Detective careers, specifically, involve the duty of solving crimes and catching the bad guys.  This can be both rewarding and frustrating, for example when a criminal is not brought to justice.  Every day on the job will be different, but detectives will often have to visit crime scenes, which can be a stressful part of the criminal investigator job.

Criminal Investigator Careers, Average Salary:

The average salary for those working detective careers is about $61,000 per year, with the top ten percent of criminal investigators earning about $81,000.  The lowest ten percent of those working criminal investigator careers earn about $36,000 per year.



Criminal Investigator, Detective Careers, Training and Qualifications:

There are no universally mandated educational requirements for detective careers, but it is not uncommon for detectives to have college or graduate degrees.  You should factor this educational information into your criminal investigator career planning.  It is also common in many states for detectives to have at least some college course work before becoming a detective.  Most states and communities do require criminal investigators to pass intense physical exams. Being fluent in a foreign language is generally seen as a positive, and it may help applicants who are seeking to start careers in criminal investigation or private detective careers.
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