Career Advice on How to Become A Model

General Career Information

There is no way to put this delicately.  There are two ways of becoming a model.  The first way is to be an attractive person, who is usually tall and thin.  The second way is to be a strikingly tall but bizarre looking person that has wealthy parents.   Yet, in all fairness there is a third option, the underbelly of the modeling world. This category includes plus sized models, hand and foot models and the rest of the modeling sideshow.   Keep all these facts in mind before starting your career planning or job search.

Career Facts:

Modeling is extremely difficult work.  Standing in one position and trying to strike the right expression of aroused, befuddled and irritated burns more calories than running a marathon, or so a random model once said.  Models must learn from experts how to do things such as stand, wall and turn.  Oh, it is far more difficult than one imagines and it all must be done a certain way, of course.  Models are usually employed by companies looking to sell their extremely overpriced goods to people that usually cannot afford them.  In this regard, models perform a valuable community service, for which they are rarely recognized or appreciated.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Good:

The rate of growth for models is expected to be about sixteen percent between now and 2018.  This is due much in part to the growing demand on part of advertisers to get people on ever tightening budgets to buy useless things they really don’t need.  This sixteen percent job growth means that if you are indeed a beautiful person who is also tall, you might have a shot.  If you are living in a small town and everyone is telling you that you should be a model, it might make sense to ask people in larger towns or cities what they think.  Definitely do this before running off to the big city to model only to never be heard from again.
Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The average day for a model can vary greatly, depending upon whether or not a model has an eating disorder for example.  If a model has an eating disorder, much of the day may be spent in the bathroom “getting sick.”  Modeling jobs may last all day and can be stressful.  The stress often comes from overpaid ego-manic photographers, who like most in the fashion industry, believe that they are the glue that holds civilization together.  These beacons of light will never feel appreciated no matter how many times they are worshipped and adorned.  As a result, photographers are prone to extract their revenge against the “cruel world” on their models.

Outdoor shoots can, on occasion, can be unpleasant and demanding.  But most of the work for the majority of models is done indoors.

Average Salary:

Modeling is much like another profession, namely acting, in that a feast or feminine dynamic has been established.  The average hourly wage for a model is about $13 with the top ten percent of models earning about $21 per hour.  However, the top earning models can earn millions of dollars, which is promptly wasted on most occasions.

Career Training and Qualifications:

The main qualification for the job is to be impressively beautiful or have beautifully rich parents.
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