Career Advice on How to Become An Aviation Inspector

General Career Information

No, aviation inspectors do not inspect the air.  Instead these are the men and woman that make sure that our planes don’t fall from the sky; at least not most of the time.  The job description means a degree of stress.  If you doubt this obvious fact then you should scratch aviation inspector off your career planning and job search list right now.  Being largely responsible for the maintenance of aircrafts that are carrying hundreds of people at a time and thousands of people a year is a lot of responsibility and pressure.  Usually aviation inspectors work for the FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration.

Career Facts:

Aviation inspectors need to make sure that every major part of an airplane is in operational order.  If your tray has a crack in the cup holder area, this isn’t too much of a concern. However, just about everything else is a concern and for good reason. Having a bad day as an aviation inspector is nothing you would ever want.  Overall, this career means inspecting every part of an airplane to make sure that all the flight controls are working.  Other areas of concern are navigational tools and communications equipment.  In short, aviation inspectors need to be sure that every plane they inspect will take off and land safely.

For those who have a love of airplanes and flying but are not pilots, a career as an aviation inspector might be a good fit.  Aviation inspectors will develop a deep knowledge of aircraft while on the job as well and on the job training is common.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

Currently, the job outlook is average for Aviation Inspectors.
Job Outlook is Fair

A Day in The Life:

The inspection process is very involved.  All one has to do is consider the number of parts that go into a single airplane.  Checking everything from landing gear to engines is critical and for obvious reasons.  It is key to remember that aviation inspectors are not just looking for parts that are “ready to give at any moment.” Instead aviation inspectors have to have a keen eye and evaluate the overall wear of parts before signing off on them as being good to go.

Average Salary:

The average salary for an aviation inspector is about $40,000.  For those employed by the FAA, this number can go higher.



Career Training and Qualifications:

A love and interest of all things mechanical is definitely a major plus, as most of this career centers on working with a very complex piece of mechanical and electronic equipment, the airplane.  Further, it is relevant to note that this is a job that will require one to be fairly physically active, as climbing and crawling are both on the list of job requirements for inspection.  Some times outdoors work, often in poor conditions, might also be necessary in order to perform inspections.
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