Career Advice on How to Become A Motor Vehicle Inspector

General Career Information

Anyone considering becoming a motor vehicle inspector clearly must be able to at least tolerate the idea of spending all day around cars, trucks and other vehicles.  Those seeking to add motor vehicle inspector to the job search or career planning should expect to spend their days inspecting lots of cars and trucks.

Due to the fact that the average vehicle has a wide-variety of numbers of parts, this career demands that motor vehicle inspectors are familiar with all sorts of parts.  Much of the work of a motor vehicle inspector, not surprisingly, centers on the inspection of cars and trucks.  To this end, motor vehicle inspectors will test various components for damage and overall wear.


Career Facts:

A good working knowledge of automotive vehicles and their parts is clearly a must.  Motor vehicle inspectors will have to inspect cars and trucks for damage.  This can range from inspecting a vehicle for damage that has resulted from an accident to inspecting under the hood to make sure that all the mechanical and electrical systems are intact and in working order.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

Expect the job growth outlook to closely mirror the fate of the auto industry in general.  The motor vehicle inspector’s job growth is not surprisingly linked to the overall growth of the auto industry.
Job Outlook is Fair

A Day in The Life:

What could be more fun that inspecting cars all day?  If you agree with that statement, then you might want to consider an exciting car of looking at cars all day.  There is no doubt that after a while this job could get a little bit boring, but if you really love all things car and truck, then you might find this career of potential interest.  Plus there are numerous additional benefits, such as being able to breathe in carbon monoxide fumes all day and potentially have a car fall on you.  Then there is the weather.  As a motor vehicle inspector, you might be called upon to inspect vehicle in the great outdoors.  In and of itself this may not seem like too bad of a thing, after all, it beats an office cubical.  But you might not feel that way when it’s snowing, dark and four degrees.  Bottom line is if you love, love, love cars and trucks then this might be a fit, otherwise, you might want to keep on trucking.

Average Salary:

Salary varies with experience and expertise.

Career Training and Qualifications:

A solid working knowledge of vehicles is an obvious advantage when seeking employment.  Those who are certified mechanics will be most desirable.
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