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General Career Information

Oh, maybe in another forty or fifty years, this job will be replaced with the title “teleportation manager.” But, for now, a transportation manager works to manage the daily activities of organizations involved in the transportation industry.  For those of you in the middle of career planning or a job search, this is one of those careers that mirror its title fairly closely.

A transportation manager works to oversee every aspect of making sure that necessary goods arrive on time.  This may mean they work extensively with suppliers and oversee a host of employees.


Career Facts:

Transportation manager is one of the jobs that no matter how you phrase what you do, people will nod politely and think, “Oh my, that is very boring, very, very boring.”  When trying to get a date, transportation managers, the smart ones anyway, try and jump past their job as quickly as possible and move the conversation onto other topics.  For example, they may talk about how they are really in a cool band, or their hobby is skydiving or they are best friends with a casting agent and so forth.  You get the idea.


Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-average:

The job growth outlook for transportation manager is likely to stay stable due to the fact that goods will continue to be moved from point a to point b.
Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

The facts are that transportation managers do provide a valuable service to society.  While the job may not sound like a whirlwind of wild excitement, someone does have to manage the transportation.  Transportation managers oversee staff, budgets, negotiate with suppliers and deal with complaints, along with a wide-array of other responsibilities.  This is a career that might not spark a great deal of imagination in the minds of others, but the transportation manager plays an important role in making sure that goods arrive on time.  If you don’t think that is important, just consider the transportation manager the next time you need toothpaste or a winter coat.

Many transportation managers may feel overworked as they are tasked with keeping track of large amounts of information.  The varied nature of the job means that transportation managers are expected to work with a range of people, from suppliers to overseeing employees.  As a result, transportation managers may feel that their plate is full. 


Average Salary:

All of this managing earns the transportation manager an average salary of roughly $51,000.



Career Training and Qualifications:

On the job training is common in the profession, but many learn the basics at vocational schools and may have associate’s degrees.  Occasionally, some employers will seek out applicants that have a bachelor’s degree in a related area.
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