23 Aug 2010


Put Your Best Foot Forward In The Job Interview

Job interviews can sometimes be frightening but if you know what to do to prepare for it you will have a good interview and possibly a new career. What all job seekers must understand is that a job interview is the second chance that an employer gets to know you.
The first time they interviewed you was through your resume and cover letter. When they went through it they saw some things that made them ask you for an interview. This means you went through the first hurtle easily.
The interview is the time when you will show them why they should hire you instead of someone else. In order to do this, here are some tips to be prepared:
Do your research.
When you land an interview, the first thing to do is research the company. Find out as much information as you can about the company and the person who will interview you. Get a local newspaper for the area if it is different than where you live and study something about where you are going. Check the Internet to see if there is any mention of the company and be sure to check their website.
Check to see if any of your colleagues know the company.
If you have colleagues, friends or family who know the company ask them for more information. They may have great insights for you about what to look for as you prepare for your career change.
Remember you are interviewing them too.
When you go to a job interview you must take your time and interview them too. You want to make sure this is going to be a fit. Ask to speak to an employee or two in the company to see what they have to say about working in this company. Have a few questions to ask that are specific to your job and ask about career advancement.
Know your strengths and your abilities.
Many people misstep in an interview because they do not listen to career advice when it comes to their strengths and abilities. If you have done your research about the company you will know what they are looking for in your position and you can gear your strengths and abilities to what they need.
Always be courteous.
When you are polite with everyone you come across the employer will get an impression of you as being a nice person who is nice to everyone. This is an image that all companies will want in their new hires.
Dress right for the job.
No matter what company or organization you go to there will be an unspoken dress code. Err on the side of conservative rather than outlandish. Hide tattoos and piercings and dress as professionally as possible. This will help your career as you move forward.

After the interview, be sure to send a thank-you note to the interviewer. Many people forget to do such a courteous thing so it sets you apart from other applicants.

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