When it comes to looking for a new job, the days of searching the help wanted ads in newspapers has long passed. There is even a generation or two in the workforce who has never turned to a classified ad looking for a job. The internet as a primary job search tool has grown more and more mainstream but it can also grow tedious and fruitless if its potential is not maximized. The following Top Five career search channels can help any job seeker who has grown weary of the information super highway:

1.         Temporary Employment Agencies: Temp agencies often have both temporary contract positions and long term, direct hire positions. Organizations typically have a contractual arrangement with an employment agency and may utilize the agent to seek a variety of candidate types.

2.          Local and State Governments: Many skill sets are applicable to a government agency. Searching the postings directly from these employers can reach a new pool of jobs that are often not listed through mainstream job search portals.

3.          A Local Newspaper: In most areas you can look through a newspaper classified without leaving your computer. The value of seeking out a listing in a classified ad is that an employer typically had to directly pay to post the position so it is truly active. Many of the mainstream internet search engines have agreements where postings are continually placed to build  pools of candidates for anticipated openings rather than actual active postings.

4.         Non-Profit Organizations: Often times non-profit organizations are not the first place a business professional will look for a position, however, the skill sets needed are similar to many professions. Non-profits also don’t typically have the human resources budgets of many organizations and could be more conservative in the advertisement of their job postings.

5.         Internet Social/Job Networking Sites: Many of the popular social networking sites are adding job posting and searching components. There are also some sites completely dedicated to professionals. Contacting previously colleagues can be a great resource, especially in an environment where there are far more candidates than positions.

A career search can be an overwhelming prospect that quickly turns mundane after weeks of staring at the same postings, shooting off resumes and receiving no feedback to help understand why you are not progressing. It is important to be patient during a job search but it is also important to be aggressive and not wait too long before trying a new approach.

In addition to keeping your job search channels diversified, there are many professional services that could help to boost your search. You can have your resume evaluated for professional feedback by a recruiter who can help to point out areas that could benefit from revisions. The recruiter may be able to directly assist you with revisions or provide you with resume writing resources. There are also a number of online options for seeking out a freelance writer or resume writing service to revamp your existing resume. 

What are your favorite channels for getting a job?

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