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Turtle Rescuer

Turtle Rescuer

Career Advice on How to Become A Turtle Rescuer

It is a very sad fact in life that the occupation of turtle rescuer exists.  The fact is that turtles are in need of help like so much wildlife on the planet. They do, in fact, need a helping hand.  There are not too many people who have this career, but it certainly is a noble idea and one that more people should probably explore becoming involved with.  If you are considering putting turtle rescuer on your career planning or job search list, you should realize that it would be difficult to find a job rescuing turtles or other animals, but it would most definitely be worth the time.  This is a career that will come with a degree of satisfaction that few other jobs could match.

Career Facts:

Much of the efforts to date to help save turtles and other wildlife that are in trouble have come from non-profits, wildlife funds and universities and colleges.  If you are interested in getting in pursuing a career in animal rescue in general, consider volunteering with organizations that are involved in animal rescue.  This volunteer work will lead to valuable experience and perhaps a full time job as well.  For those who do not live near the ocean or any turtle habitats, there are plenty of other animal rescue organizations spread out across the country.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

This is a great and worthwhile job if you can get it.  Hopefully this will be a career that experiences great growth in the coming years.

A Day in The Life:

Get out there and start rescuing those cute little turtles. The key point to keep in mind is that a great many people have jobs with non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations that specifically rescue turtles, such as the American Tortoise Rescue.  Once you have some experience and know-how under your belt, you might even decide to start your own non-profit designed to help rescue turtles and other animals that are in need of help.

Average Salary:

Average salary is unknown.


Career Training and Qualifications:


Clearly knowledge of turtles is important but equally important is a desire to help animals.

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