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Airshow Pilot

Airshow Pilot

Career Advice on How to Become an Airshow Pilot

The first thing you have to know about becoming an airshow pilot is that you will be performing stunts in an airplane.  If that doesn’t strike you as being a bit dangerous, then maybe you should call off your job search in this arena.  Just remember to consider that any sort of stunt is dangerous.  Doing those stunts in an airplane, well, that does sound a bit crazy.

Career Facts:

Guess what?  There is one career planning aspect you should be aware of before getting started as an airshow pilot.  You do indeed need a pilot’s license in order to begin.  The idea that you can simply crawl in the cockpit and start flying around doing loops is a fantasy.  These ideas are best left for your favorite video game console.  Another fact that you should be aware of is that people die doing this job.  That’s right, while flying around in a helicopter may be fun, its also pretty dangerous.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:

While the career outlook for pilots in general is about average, it is difficult to discern what sort of growth can be expected in the airshow pilot world.  Odds are that the rate of growth is likely to be pretty steady, as it is unlikely that there will be any great explosion in airshows all of a sudden.  However, there is always the possibility of a great many airshow pilots dying off in a single year.

A Day in The Life:

Somewhere in the back of an airshow pilot’s mind, he or she must wake up every morning asking, “How crazy am I exactly?”  While this is a profession with a great deal of bravado, the truth is no one is tough enough to take a shot to the entire body from Mother Earth at 200 miles per hour.  

Airshow pilots obvious spend a great deal of time working on their stunts, which is a good thing.  And when an airshow pilot fails, one thing is for certain. This news makes national headlines

Average Salary:

Airshow pilots are usually hired per show.  Some, however, do have corporate sponsors.

Career Training and Qualifications:

An airshow pilot must have a pilot’s license.  In fact, the more hours in the cockpit the better.

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