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Sandwich Board Advertiser

Sandwich Board Advertiser

Career Advice on How to Become A Sandwich Board Advertiser

We’ve all seen them- the sandwich board advertiser.  These are the wayward souls that finds themselves with little other option than to hang a sign around their neck advertising low cell phone rates or cheap massages.  Oh it’s not pretty, and when put on a busy street corner it can be something of a punishment.  In fact, working as the human advertising gimmick is something akin to a medieval torture of humiliation.  There is nowhere to run and there is nowhere to hide.  As a sandwich board advertiser, you must stand there no matter how many times a sixteen year old might drive by and scream something at you.  Sadly, there is no getting around the fact that this is a very rough job.

Career Facts:

If you are wondering where the term “sandwich” comes from in the sandwich board advertiser job description, it comes from the fact that this type of advertising uses two boards with advertising on them.  These boards are connected via two ropes.  As you put your head neatly in-between these two ropes, you effectively don the costume of shame and become the de facto meat in an advertising sandwich.  You then carry the sign around, secretly hoping to draw as little attention as possible, until the allotted time of humiliation is at an end.

However, often avoiding humiliation is difficult for a guy wearing a sign that says, “10% off women’s underwear.”  Another factor making the humiliation difficult to avoid is the fact that sandwich board advertisers are often expected to hand out flyers and wave to passing motorists.  Thus. for the sandwich board advertiser, you can’t run and you can’t hide.  Yet, if you enjoy being outdoors and interacting with people this might be a career you should consider, but probably not.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Average:

One would think that in this digital age of advertising that sandwich board advertising would have already disappeared, but somehow this advertising oddity has stood the test of time.  Expect its use to remain fairly stable over the next few years.

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

Get to work and put on your sandwich board. Then get out there and start waiving to the public.

Average Salary:

Salary can vary wildly but don’t expect more than a few dollars per hour, plus all the food that is thrown at you by teenagers.

Career Training and Qualifications:

As you might have suspected the main qualifications for this job is a willingness to wear a sign and a fundamental understanding of the concept of walking.

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