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Baby Proofing Expert

Baby Proofing Expert

Career Advice on How to Become a Baby Proofing Expert

Small businesses that help parents baby proof their homes have popped up all over the country.  Parents can try and tackle the baby proofing alone, or hire a baby proofing professional.  In general, there are a few key hazards that baby proofers check for when you go into a home. For example, electrical items and uncovered outlets, small objects that can suffocate your tiny little version of your wonderful self, stairs, and so forth.  In essence, as a baby proofer you are in charge of doing the parents job for them. You are also helping parents that are devoid of common sense or just plain stupid.  But, hey, it’s a living.

Career Facts:

So are you career planning to become a baby proofer. Here are some facts.  Baby proofing involves going out to a home that has one or more children and examining the house and often the surrounding area to look for potential hazards.  Those interested in becoming a baby proofer should realize that they will be required to tell every parent how adorable and obviously special their child is, no matter how ugly or stupid the child is in reality.  Failure to do so will often mean an angry client with a wounded ego, id and even superego.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:

This is the kind of niche job that is at the whim of tough economic times.  When times are good the thought is, “Our little Johnny is so special we must do all we can to insure his safety and the safety of his environment.”  When times are bad however the thought turns more to, “I can do that myself, I am sure little Johnny will be fine.  Besides he has my superior DNA, I am sure he can handle whatever is thrown his way.”

A Day in The Life:

Factor the following conversation in before your job search.  This is a conversation you will be having almost every day, “Oh my god your baby is so cute.  What is her name?  Oh, it’s a he?  Oh, he is so cute.  I see soooo many babies and none of them are as cute as this one.  Oh that is great.  No, no don’t worry about it, I have a dog too, I am use to dog’s doing that to my leg.  It’s fine.  So let’s take a look around this house of yours-oh its so nice.”  

No matter how ugly the child and the house, both must be complimented repeatedly.  If the child has horns you must still say, “what an angel.”  If you don’t think you can generate this level of insincerity, then skip this job.

Average Salary:

Average salary varies.  Clearly, the price of baby proofing a home depends upon the company.  Some companies can charge about $2,500 to baby proof a house.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Want to be a baby-proofing expert?  Just say you are one.  There is no baby proofing school out there (at least, not yet, anyhow.)

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