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Ice Resurfacer

Ice Resurfacer

Career Advice on How to Become An Ice Resurfacer

The humble ice resurfacer is also known as a Zamboni driver.  This is due to the fact that Frank Zamboni developed the very first ice resurfacing truck in 1949 in California.  The purpose of the ice resurfacing truce is to condition ice rinks through a series of blades, washing and hot water.  The end product is a reconditioned ice surface for skating.  The brave few that drive these marvels of technology are known as ice resurfacers and/or Zamboni drivers.

Career Facts:

Here are some facts that might help you determine if you want to add ice resurfacer to your job search.  If the ice resurfacing equipment is not carefully maintained, it can be something of a health hazard.  A poorly maintained machine can eject toxic levels of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide into the air.  Another significant health concern is that ice-resurfacing vehicles can throw fine particles into the air, which are then inhaled.  These particles may often contain bacteria if the ice surface is not clean.  Some people, for reasons only they know, think this is a cool job.  If you are one of those people, live the dream.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

What does the future hold for ice resurfacers?  First of all, it’s not a full time job.  After all, how long does it take to drive around on an ice resurfacing machine for a few minutes?  Yes, the answer is a few minutes.  Most people who work as ice resurfacers have other jobs.

A Day in The Life:

Ice Resurfaces need to pick up money elsewhere, as this is definitely not a full time job.

Average Salary:

The salary varies largely upon the job, but no one is getting rich strictly driving an ice resurfacing vehicle.

Career Training and Qualifications:

You must be able to drive the ice resurfacer, which, no matter what anyone tells you, is not street legal.  You will not see an ice resurfacer on the highway.

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