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Smell Research Technician

Smell Research Technician

Career Advice on How to Become A Smell Research Technician

Calling a smell research technician by that title has become a bit offense these days.  Today, smell research technicians prefer to go by the handle, SRTs, which as one smell research technician once stated sounded more “gangster.”  For our purposes here, smell research technicians will be referred to as smell research technicians.  Many smell research technicians are employed in market research determining what new products people love to smell and hate to smell.

Career Facts:

In general, research technicians help conduct a variety of experiments in all fields of science.  In terms of smell, the smell research technician works to set up and execute experiments into how different products smell.  On the surface, this may sound exceeding easy, but the process is more involved than many might suspect.  The sense of smell is highly tuned and quite evolved.  The olfactory system can detect a very wide variety of scents and forms a uniquely special bond with the human brain.

It is important to keep in mind that each person’s sense of smell is slightly different from another person’s sense of smell.  This is one of the various factors that a smell research technician must factor in when accessing a new product.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

Will corporations be spending more money in the future to determine how the brain and sense of smell interact?  Maybe and maybe not and for this reason expect the job outlook on this career to stay fairly stable.

A Day in The Life:

Working as a smell research technician means that you will often be working for corporations as they test out new products.   This means that you may be subjecting test subjects to new products to see how they react physically and emotionally.  Part of the job may include using instruments such as the olfactometer, which is used to determine how strong an odor is and what kind of odor it may be.  The olfactometer is a very popular tool in the field of market research.

Average Salary:

 Actual salary is difficult to pin down.

Career Training and Qualifications:

An analytical mind is key for this career.

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