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Knife Thrower’s Assistant

Knife Thrower’s Assistant

Career Advice on How to Become A Knife Thrower’s Assistant

The very first question that a knife thrower’s assistant must ask is whether or not his or her career opportunities are in fact that limited.  Keep in mind that there is no way around some of the more basic facts on this one.  As a knife throwers assistant, you are letting a person throw knives at you for money.  On face value, regardless of any safety precautions that might have been taken, this is a scary job.  If you are thinking about putting knife thrower’s assistant down on your career planning or job search list, do realize that a guy will be throwing a knife near your head while you are holding a balloon, for example, in your mouth.  Still interested?

Career Facts:

In terms of job requirements, would you be surprised to hear that steady nerves are a must?  This is most definitely the case as a sudden sneeze or flinch could end oh so badly.  It probably goes without saying that this is not a job for everyone, but for those who have little regard for their own personal safety, (see: little reason to live or feel the need to be in the “entertainment industry” at any and all cost) then a career as a human target might be an option.

One needs to be cool under fire, quite literally.  People often fixate on the fact that a knife gets thrown at them when they contemplate this job and that makes sense.  However, people often overlook the fact that several knives may be thrown at them in a matter of a few seconds.  Since there are other employment options available, most people should probably pass on this rather dangerous career.  Finding the right career is important, but it’s certainly nothing to lose your head over.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

What future is there for the knife thrower’s assistant? Well, there must be a joke in there somewhere.  It probably goes without stating that there isn’t exactly a long line for this job.

A Day in The Life:

To  be a knife thrower’s assistant you just need to stand there and try not to think about pain and death.

Average Salary:

Whatever the job pays, the knife thrower’s assistant will definitely want insurance.

Career Training and Qualifications:

If you are willing to stand in front of a target while someone throws knives at you, then your hired!

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