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Paper Towel Sniffer

Paper Towel Sniffer

Career Advice on How to Become A Paper Towel Sniffer

Wanted… person experienced with the exciting field of paper towel sniffing.  Some travel may be necessary.  References preferred and will be checked.  Please state desired salary.

The odds are extremely good that you will never see a job ad like the one above.  If you are considering paper towel sniffer for your career planning and job search list, its best if you have many other options as well.  Yet, oddly enough, there is a place in this world for the paper towel sniffer.  Somewhere out there is a man or woman scolding their parents for not believing in his or her dream.

Career Facts:

An extremely good sense of smell is a must for anyone interested in working in this extremely narrow field.  As there are very few jobs working as a paper towel sniffer, one might actually be better off looking for work as an actor in Hollywood.  Statistically you probably have a better chance of finding a job as an actor in Hollywood than you do finding employment as a paper towel sniffer.

Yet if you do land that coveted paper towel sniffer job, you can always brag to your friends when you are on top and going to all the exclusive parties.  They may have not believed in you and your dream on the way up, but boy, don’t they wish they could get in on that paper towel sniffing lifestyle they read about in all the magazines?

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

This is definitely a career with a limited number of openings.  Even if America’s begin using ten times the number of paper towels, odds are there will not be a corresponding increase in hiring.

A Day in The Life:

You might be thinking, “there is no way a paper towel sniffer does what the job title states, there must be more to it.”  But the fact is a paper towel sniffer does indeed sniff towels.  In particular, a paper towel sniffer smells paper towels to make sure that they are not too smelly in any fashion.

Average Salary:

Exact pay is difficult to determine.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Those looking to become a paper towel sniffer better come armed with a strong sense of smell and a love of the paper towel.

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