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Historical Reenactor

Historical Reenactor

Career Advice on How to Become A Professional Historical Reenactor

Normally, when people think of historical reenactors, they immediately think of lonely, unemployed middle-aged, basement dwelling men who like to dress up like Civil War Era soldiers and go play in the woods.  However, there are also women, on occasion, who are involved in this “lifestyle.”  

However, people do find a way of making this interest into an odd career of sorts.  If you love history (I mean really love history), this job could definitely be on your career planning agenda.

Career Facts:

One way that historical reenactors can make a buck is to go to work in a tourism destination like Colonial Williamsburg and play “dress up.”  Often those working somewhere like Colonial Williamsburg will be seen making wigs, churning butter or engaging in any other activity which settlers might have engaged in.

Those interested in this career should probably have a thick skin and not care much for the opinion of people.  Snotty middle school and high school kids will definitely be laughing at you if you take up a historical reenactor career.   Further, a decent knowledge of history and the historical period is probably a must.  Realizing that there were no cell phones in the colonial era, for example, could be deemed important.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Average:

Many history-oriented attractions have had trouble in recent years.  The invention of the Internet, television and, well, just about everything else, has made watching butter being churned a little less interesting.  This is a career whose days seem numbered.

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

Most days of a professional historical reenactor begins by screaming, “Yeah ma’ I’m out of bed already.”  From there it goes downhill.

Average Salary:

This is another job that will not make one wealthy.  Seasonal employment is common, and many workers earn just above minimum wage.  By the time you end up looking at your paycheck, you will be looking to find things to buy that are still at the same prices as they were around the Civil War era.  A 10-cent gallon of milk sounds about right.

Career Training and Qualifications:

A pulse and the ability to ignore the contempt of children are very helpful for those seeking employment as a professional historical reenactor.

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