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Alligator Skinner

Alligator Skinner

Career Advice on How to Become An Alligator Skinner

If you are in the middle of career planning or a job search, please think twice before penciling this one in.  One thing is for certain; you always want to become an alligator skinner by choice, not by necessity.  Being cornered by an alligator with only a knife for defense is probably not a good way to earn this job title.

General Career Information

If you have ever worn a pair of alligator boots or slid on a simply amazing alligator belt, well, somebody had to skin that “critter,” didn’t they?  Those alligators don’t skin themselves.  The alligator skinner does what the alligator cannot do and strips it of its skin.  Is the work fun?  Well, if the idea of ripping off alligator skin does it for you, then yes this is a fun, fun, fun job!

Career Facts:

So what skill or set of skills does one need to be an alligator skinner these days?  If the alligators are supplied to you in dead form, the job is much easier.  If the alligators show up alive you have an entirely different job on your hands.  Either way, you might want to consider a different career.  Your primary skill as an alligator skinner is to use a knife, a very sharp knife, to cut away alligator skin.  Alligators can have pretty tough skin, so the cutting is obviously on the tough side. 

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

Will the world always need alligator skinners?  That is a tough one to answer.  This is definitely a niche job, but as long as people are wearing alligator you might be able to find work.

A Day in The Life:

While cutting apart an alligator may take a degree of skill, one should consider the downside.  What downside could there possibly be you might ask?  Well, for starters, you spend your days hanging out with the carcasses of dead alligators.  And, if anyone ever screws up and gives you a living one, it’s not at all like skinning a dead cow.  No, if someone screws up and delivers you a live alligator, you career could be pretty darn short.

Average Salary:

Don’t expect to get rich skinning alligators as this job pays modestly and by the hour.

Career Training and Qualifications:

The main qualification for alligator skinner is a willingness to do the job. Well that and a sharp knife and strong stomach of course.

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