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Career Advice on How to Become A Dowser

If you want to put dowser on your career planning or job list, then you better have a good plan for marketing your skills because this is a dying art.  In the olden days, one could be thought of as a witch for dabbling in the fine art of dowsing. But these days such notions have been dispelled, at least in most of the country.  

But why were dowsers seen as being under the influence of the dark arts?  Back in the good old days almost anything could earn you that label.  Dowers claimed to be able to find water with a stick. To most townspeople of the day, that sounded like the devil’s work.

Career Facts:

Dowsing originated in Germany back when the term “state of the art” could be seen not as a BMW Roadster, but as a forked tree branch being held by a toothless guy who hadn’t bathed in six-weeks. These days, dowers often have more teeth and indoor plumbing. But the skill of dowsing is looked upon by science as being flim-flam; yes it’s the official term.  Working as a dowser (and these days its usually old guys with one foot firmly in the ground) involves taking two l-shaped metal rods and using that to look for water.  Metal rods?  Well, of course, metal rods.  The “technology” has advanced from the days of wood! 

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Poor:

Technology is the enemy of the dowser, AKA the guy with the magic water finding stick.  As people become savvier, don’t expect the dowser’s old rotary phone or telegraph to be humming too often.

Job Outlook is Poor

A Day in The Life:

When a dowser finds water, the dowsing rods cross and form X.  After that, just dig and water appears!  There is a belief that the human body is what does the detecting. So if you feel as though you might be uniquely attuned to all that water inside of you, then you might be missing your calling working in the century old racket, or profession, depending upon your perspective of dowsing.

Average Salary:

Since dowsers are usually self-employed entrepreneurs of sorts, their paycheck is whatever they can get people to pay them for their specific services.

Career Training and Qualifications:

What are the qualifications for dowsers you may ask?  That is quite a good question.  Being trained by another dowser or picking it up as one goes along are both possible answers to the question of how one trains to become a dowser.  

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