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Funeral Home Cosmetologist

Funeral Home Cosmetologist

Career Advice on How to Become A Funeral Home Cosmetologist

There can be little doubt that any job associated with a funeral home is one that is bound to provide a consistent stream of work. Consistent work is always an important factor when making decisions on the job search or immersed in career planning.  The job of funeral home cosmetologist certainly has extremely consistent work, to say the least.

Career Facts:

It only makes sense that somebody has to do the job of a funeral home cosmetologist. Someone has to make people who have died in all sorts of ways, both through accidents and natural causes, look acceptable enough that people can say good-bye to the body. The work of the funeral home cosmetologist is far from easy and definitely an art.

The funeral home cosmetologist works in an environment that many, if not most people, would find depressing.  After all, your average funeral home cosmetologist spends their day attempting to make the already decaying corpse of Uncle Steve or Aunt Sarah, look a little less gruesome (and maybe even ten years younger!)  And the pressure is really on when it’s an accident or murder victim.  Trying to cover up serious facial injuries on a dead body is most definitely an acquired skill. 

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Average:

The job growth for cosmetologists across the board is expected to be about twelve percent by 2016.  However, considering that the first wave of Baby Boomers are retiring, it is very likely that funeral home cosmetologists will see a increase in the demand for their services. 

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

Another day, another dead body.  For most funeral home cosmetologists this is the cold, hard fact of their life. This work can likely be heart breaking, as all types of people, and all ages, pass through the doors of a funeral home.  While the stress of the work is very low, this fact should not be mistaken for the stress of the job being low.  It may just depend on how cold hearted of a person you can be.

Average Salary:

The average cosmetologist can expect to earn about $10 per hour with the top ten percent of cosmetologist earning about $18.80 per hour.  However, of course, a funeral home cosmetologist is far different from your run of the mill hair stylist or nail technician, so the salary may vary.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Most cosmetologists have a high-school degree and complete a training program.  This training program is necessary as it is part of the state licensing process. Often individuals will earn an associates degree in cosmetology as well.

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