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Hair Boiler

Hair Boiler

Career Advice on How to Become a Hair Boiler

Many youngster have thought that they would find their fame and fortune in the glossy and slick world of hair boiling, only to later find themselves broke, alone and pondering that phone call home.  Yes, Hollywood makes hair boiling all sexy and wild, but in reality it’s far from the case. Here are the career facts: the life of a hair boiler is a cutthroat one. After all, not all everybody wants to land a job as a hair boiler.

Career Facts:

For those of you who have been living on Mars, a hair boiler is the person that operates a large vat that boils animal hair for the purpose of curling hair.  The job requires operators to turn valves to allow water and steam to enter the vat. You are probably ready now to run out the door and begin the job search for your new hair boiler position. Hold on there is more…. Hair boilers also need to open other valves to let water flow out of the vat after the hair has been boiled.  Oh sure its an adventure, and that’s why everyone wants in on it.

You might be thinking that there might be even more to this exciting and glamorous job than you are reading.  The truth is that’s it.  Hair boilers stand around a vat all day boiling animal hair until it curls up.  This kind of work conjures up images of 19th and early 20th century industry, doesn’t it?

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