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Body Piercer

Body Piercer

Career Advice on How to Become a Body Piercer

Is “must find a job to stick needles into people” at the top of your career planning list? If so, we have definitely got something for you! If the idea of sticking needles through people sounds like a good time, then you might be a good candidate for body piercer. Of course, this is not a job for the faint of heart. You should like watching people suffer and enjoy seeming big needles go into various parts of their bodies, such as their tongue. Still interested? 

Career Facts:

Body piercers can pierce almost any part of the human body.  Normally, however, piercing is done in the ears, nose, tongue, lips and eyebrows.  But more extreme piercings have can be found below the waste line, for example.  Ouch, indeed.  Of course, jewelry of some sort of another is usually worn in the piercing once completed.  Usually this is a ring or a stud of some sort.  It often takes the human body weeks or months to recover from being pierced.  This should really come as no real surprise, however.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:

How popular piercing will be in the future is unknown, but the practice has been with mankind for hundreds of years.

A Day in The Life:

Most days begin with a cup of coffee in an attempt to shake off the previous nights “activities.”  Body piercers, in an attempt to show their distinct individuality, don the official uniform of the body piercer which varies somewhat based on personal preference. It usually centers either on a “druggie biker motif” or a “goth motif” of some sort.  These standardized uniforms allow piercers to be easily identified by other rule breaking freethinkers.  After checking to make sure all the costume components are in place, a piercer heads off to his or her place of work, which one can only hope is hygienic “enough.”

Average Salary:

Ripping into human flesh can actually be something of a decent living.  Many body piercers can earn around $50,000. Let the job search begin!


Career Training and Qualifications:

There are classes and courses to train those interested in being a body piercer, but much of the work is learned on the job.

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