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Face Feeler

Face Feeler

Career Advice on How to Become A Face Feeler

Yes indeed someone has the job of face feeler.  How you decide to tell your family and friends about your new job is of course up to you.  But if you are career planning, face feeler might be an option.  Don’t dismiss this option too quickly, for after all, few words bring more pride to a mother’s lips than, “Here is my son the face feeler.” 

Career Facts:

While face feeler does sound as though it is a lesser know creature from the movie Alien, it is actually not that exciting.  Your garden-variety face feeler, or face feeler as they prefer to be called in the “biz,” spends their days feeling the faces of people after they have used skin care products or shaved.  In this way, the job description of a face feeler is much like that of a dog walker in that the job title kind of says it all.  Not surprisingly, you will hear that there is “a lot more too it than just feeling someone’s face.” But, well, let’s face it, that is all there is to it.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

Will corporations employ more people to work as face feelers?  It is impossible to say for certain.

A Day in The Life:

A face feeler will study the face looking for any changes that have occurred as a result of using a company’s product.  If a new razor takes off several layers of skin, for example, one needs to know this kind of thing.  Is it an odd job?  Oh most definitely, but there are weirder jobs and at least all you have to feel is a face.  And if a face feeler ever gets down all they have to do is remember that at least they are not the guys who has to manually inseminate pigs.  Oh yes, someone out there has to do that and it isn’t pretty.

Average Salary:

Exact salaries are difficult to determine.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Sensitive hands and a willingness to put your hands all over people are key skills for the job.

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