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Polar Meteorologist

Polar Meteorologist

Career Advice on How to Become A Polar Meteorologist

Nobody picks up the “chicks” by saying, “Hey baby I’m a polar meteorologist”.  Meteorologists have gotten all uppity these days and like to be called “atmospheric scientists.”  Being a meteorologist is one thing, but the men and women who become polar meteorologist are tough cookies, often with a good deal of job experience.  So if polar meteorologist is on your job search or career planning agenda, prepare yourself for a lot of cold lonely nights.

Career Facts:

Polar meteorologists are likely to find themselves, not surprisingly, out in the middle of the artic tundra and often alone or on a tiny base.  They do provide a valuable service, however, collecting important data and unknowingly being the subject of secret tests.  (That last part is speculation but it does seem to fit the job description.  After all, the polar meteorologist makes for a wonderful human guinea pig.)

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Average:

The job growth for meteorologist is average at eleven percent.  About 900 new meteorologists are expected to join the ranks of the current meteorologists by 2016.

Job Outlook is OK

A Day in The Life:

A day in the life of a polar meteorologist involves being cold and lonely.  Often faces are drawn on soccer balls.  You definitely need to be able to savor isolation.

It’s not quite as hip and happening as it may sound.  There is, however, plenty of time to work on that great American novel (about isolation and despair of course.)

Average Salary:

Your average meteorologist can expect to earn about $77,000, with those employed by the government earning about $85,000.  Polar meteorologists, however, also have to worry about losing their sanity during the endless winters alone in their remote locations. 

$75k – $85k

Career Training and Qualifications:

Those looking to get into this sexy racket will have to earn at least a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.  Many positions will require applicants to hold a masters or a Ph.D.  Hey, they don’t just give everyone the keys to the kingdom.

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