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Citrus Fruit Dryer

Citrus Fruit Dryer

Career Advice on How to Become a Citrus Fruit Dryer

Want proof that the world is a weird place?  Somewhere out there in the world, there is a kid who is growing up, going to school, playing games, with no idea that he or she will someday be a citrus fruit dryer.  If you were thinking that a citrus fruit dryer does something more complicated than the name indicates, well, you would certainly be wrong. So if you are looking for career advice on becoming a citrus fruit dryer, here are some details to begin your job search.

Career Facts:

Here is the process broken down to give you some idea of the career facts.  Fruit gets a nice wash, hopefully with soap and clean water, and then it gets a nice toweling down by a citrus fruit dryer.  Hopefully the towel is clean.

Life for the citrus fruit dryer must be a little rough.  It can’t be too easy impressing the guys or gals with the line, “I can get you some free washed citrus, baby.”  Telling people you are a citrus fruit dryer must be a hoot as well.   The entire “what do you do?” conversation must be interesting for the citrus fruit dryer.  “I dry fruit.”  “What’s that like?”  “What do you think its like? I dry fruit.”

Of course, one obvious question is why doesn’t a mechanical blower simply make the citrus fruit dryer obsolete?  Good question.  It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

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