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Product Name Consultant

Product Name Consultant

Career Advice on How to Become A Product Name Consultant

There are freelancers and companies that specialize in developing new names for products.  Often these individuals and companies are not limited to just naming products, but also will develop names for companies themselves.  Good product name consultants must clearly learn about the company they are working for, as well as what product they are to name.

Career Facts:

A well-defined understanding of the product that is to be named is of paramount importance if one is to produce an appropriate and effective final name or list of naming options.  For many companies, time is of the essence. Therefore, a final name or list of names must be provided in a quick fashion. On occasion, developing a good product can be a time-sensitive and stressful job.

A poor product name can quite literally kill a product or keep it from getting off the ground.  History is littered with examples of great products with poor names.  One major fact should not be overlooked: product name consultants are essentially in the advertising and marketing business.  This career is indeed quite necessary.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:


If you are career planning, you are likely curious about the opportunities in this line of work.  It may be hard to state how many people are employed working in the naming field, but there is little reason to believe that there will be less “namers” in the future.  After all, mankind is producing more products and more product lines, not less.  There are currently nearly 600,000 people involved in the adverting and marketing industry in the United States alone.

A Day in The Life:

A product name consultant is, for all practical purposes, working in the advertising and marketing world.  Those who work for companies are likely to have a work environment and experience that is in many ways similar to others who work in marketing and advertising.  Freelancers will, of course, have a somewhat different experience.

Average Salary:

While there are roughly 600,000 people working in the adverting and marketing industries in the United States, a mere fraction of that number is working in product naming.  Freelancers are usually paid per product name, those working for companies are likely to see their pay mirror others in the advertising and marketing industry.  The average salary for an advertising and promotions manager, for example, is about $73,000.


Career Training and Qualifications:

So what do you need under your belt before you begin your job search?  In terms of freelancers, there are no specific qualifications required.  Those seeking full-time employment with a company will likely need to have college degrees in business, marketing or a related field.

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