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Professional Whistler

Professional Whistler

Career Advice on How to Become A Professional Whistler

Of course, we all dreamed of becoming a professional whistler when we were kids.  But the question was always whether or not we had the chops.  If you are perhaps contemplating adding professional whistler to your job search make sure you have what it takes.  How you do that exactly is a bit of a mystery.

General Facts:

The sad truth is that many people can’t whistle or they can’t whistle well. Thus, seeing someone that can pull it off is something of a treat.  Part of the reason that people sit up and pay attention to an amazing whistler is that most people can whistle a little or have tried to whistle.  As a result, most people can relate to the difficulty of being a finely tuned whistler.

Stating that there are not too many professional whistlers is quite a considerable understatement.  Every now and then a whistler comes along that is able to make a name for himself working as a pro whistler. Roger Whittaker is often sited as being one of the first well-known whistling musicians.  Whitaker released dozens of albums beginning in 1971 with his album New World in the Morning.  Other well-known musicians, that dabbled in whistling, included Bing Crosby and Ronnie Ronalde among others. 

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

Is it tough to break into the whistling game?  Most definitely, as making a living as a professional whistler is indeed similar to making a living as a rock musician, which is obviously a very tough field to break into.  If you do have an incredible whistling ability and you have the time to practice and cultivate a new sound, well, who knows maybe you too can join Ronnie Ronalde, Roger Whittaker and the other famous whistlers in music history.

A Day in The Life:

Whistle while you work, well until your lips are soar at least.

Average Salary:

If you can become the next professional whistling sensation then the sky is the limit and all the groupies are yours!

Career Training and Qualifications:

One must be imbued with a god-like ability to whistle.

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2 Responses

  1. Stuart Rogers says:

    Safe to say I am A very good whistler! – I remember when I was a nippper my dad sitting me on his knee and teaching me how it was done! – Since then I have endeavoured to drive everyone I know around the bend with my whistling. There is probably not a day that goes by when I don’t whistle, and I have often thought to myself that this was my natural skill in life that I had honed to perfection but would never see the light of day professionally. I love Bing Crosby’s music, and maybe hearing him whistling on some of his tracks guided me unconsiously to perfect an art that my father had taught me.

  2. Scott S. says:

    I couldnt help but laugh at the above statement, as it was my grandfather who taught me how to whistle. To this day I pay homage to him by whistling with nearly every song on the radio. Some acknowledge my talent while others are a little more irritated by my unmatched musical lips. Perfect pitch, slides, and always in tune… I even pick apart some whistlers out there because you can hear them breathe, or their whistle sounds airy. Nothing quite like a whistle with an air leak! EEK! Im happy to know there are people out there that managed to do this professionally. If I could find an audition for this gig, I would sure be there ready to go!

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