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Horse Dentist

Horse Dentist

Career Advice on How to Become A Horse Dentist

Those who work to make certain that animals are healthy deserve more accolades in society.  It’s a wonderful thing when someone wants to help others or help our four legged friends the animals.  Those who are currently career planning and love animals might want to consider putting their tiny, soft fleshy hands inside of a gigantic horse’s mouth for a living.

Career Facts:

Much to the surprise of many people, one can learn to become a horse dentist through such organizations as the Academy of Equine Dentistry, which if you don’t know that equine is another name for horse, actually sounds pretty impressive.  At the academy one can become certified in practicing dentistry on horses.  In fact, the process is fairly involved and requires hundred of hours of training. This, of course, is a good thing, as every horse should have the best teeth possible.  The Academy’s courses cover everything from exams to performing x-rays.  Additional education includes horse head and neck anatomy.

For those looking for a career in which they can help animals, this is one that many, if not most, may overlook.  But when one considers that serious problems with teeth and gums, in both animals and man, can lead to serious medical problems, making certain that a horses teeth are in good shape is a fine way to spend one’s day.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

If you have the guts to put your hands in the mouth of a horse, then go for it.  Job growth rate is unknown but as long as there are horses and they have teeth, there will be horse dentists.

A Day in The Life:

If you have ever taken a good long look at a horse’s mouth then you realize that they have extremely big teeth.  If a horse wanted to chew your face off, it could.  Luckily for both man and horse, horses rarely eat people’s faces off. 

Average Salary:

 The horse dentist is usually paid per horse.

Career Training and Qualifications:

Horse dentist usually take classes and get certified in the field.

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