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Ice Sculptor

Ice Sculptor

Career Advice on How to Become An Ice Sculptor

Many people see ice sculptures at competitions or in cheesy locations like Las Vegas.  The job of ice sculptor is very much exactly what it sounds like.  One takes a block of ice and sculpts it.  The devil may be in the details, but this short description does indeed establish the boundaries of the job.  

Some gifted sculptures that work with other materials year-round, also work with ice and create ice sculptors in the winter.  Many ice sculptors have learned the skill while working as chefs or even in culinary schools.

Career Facts:

Here are some details that will assist with your career planning if you are thinking about going down this icy road.  Few people earn a living as freelance ice sculptors.  However, there are businesses that specialize in ice sculpting for events.  Many of those who are employed in ice sculpting earn their living working for such companies.  There are also certain industries that constantly employ ice sculptors such as cruise lines and Vegas hotels.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Unknown:

There are ice-sculpting contest around the world and many of these contest produce some amazing works that are truly impressive by any artistic standard.  When properly lit, ice sculptures can become astonishing works of art that are valued by all who see them.

A Day in The Life:

Any day that an ice sculptor walks away without being hurt is a good day.  Often ice sculptors will work with chainsaws and sharp picks and cutting tools.  Nothing is more chilling than seeing a dolphin made out of ice holding a rose in its mouth while riding a giant wave, suddenly be covered in splatters of deep, rich red blood.  It is the stuff of nightmares and oddly enough adult oriented comic books.

Average Salary:

Some competitions will have prize money, but the job of the ice sculptor will usually be attached to another job such as being a chef.

Career Training and Qualifications:

The ability to carve ice is definitely key.  Some culinary institutes offer ice-carving courses, which would prepare you and set you up for the ice sculptor job search.  We also recommend looking into The National Ice Carving Association (NICA).

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