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Career Advice on How to Become A Thereminist

Most people have never heard a musical instrument quite like the Thremin.  Often the odd sounds its produces leave most first time listeners perplexed.  For this reason, avant-garde musicians often use the Theremin.  Anyone who wants to put Thereminist on their job search or career planning list will clearly need to know how to play this most interesting and unusual of musical instruments. 

Career Facts:

The Theremin differs from most other musical instruments in that the Theremin does not need contact from a musician in any way.  Developed by Professor Leon Theremin, the Theremin is an electronic instrument that was first used in 1919.  Russian inventor Theremin created a musical instrument that consists of two metal rods that respond to hand movements from the musician.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Theremin is one of the more novel musical instruments that you are likely to ever see.  Playing one is likewise a unique experience.  For those looking to make their living as a Thereminist, get ready to learn to play the Theremin, no real surprise there.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook- Unknown:

Making your mark, as a Theremist is no easy task for there are limited opportunities.  Will the Theremin ever catch on?  That is difficult to calculate.

A Day in The Life:

Obviously the Theremin is used less than many other elements, and finding someone to train you to play the Theremin might be a bit tricky, especially depending upon where you live.  Likewise, use of the Theremin in concerts and by bands in general is not unheard of.  But again, this instrument is far from being as common as the guitar or piano, for example.  Thus, those who wish to earn a living as a professional Thereminist might have their work cut out for them both in learning to play this offbeat musical instrument and in finding a job afterwards.

Average Salary:

Theremist are musicians and as such may have difficulties paying the bills.  Considering that the Theremin is definitely not as widely used as other musical instruments one should not expect an easy path.

Career Training and Qualifications:

If you know how to play this very unusual musical instrument, then you can take a shot at this career.

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