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Crocodile Wrangler

Crocodile Wrangler

Career Advice on How to Be a Crocodile Wrangler

Crocodile wrangler, now there is a job description that makes getting insurance a bit on the tricky side.  Let’s face it; if you are considering a job search as a crocodile wrangler, you have a death wish.  These guys should be handing out with rodeo clowns.  In fact, they might be too edgy even for the rodeo clowns.  There is no doubt that somebody has to do this job. After all, crocodiles just don’t wrangle themselves, do they?  Where would our nation’s great crocodile farms be without the humble crocodile wrangler?

Career Facts:

If you are wondering how dangerous this job is, just consider for a moment Steve Irwin.  Irwin was considered a wildlife expert and a crocodile expert.  He had his own wildly successful television show, The Crocodile Hunter. Of course, eventually Irwin was killed. Now to look on the bright side, Irwin wasn’t actually killed by a crocodile, it was a stingray. However, as far as career advice goes still it should go without saying that crocodile wrangler is almost the definition of “dangerous job.”  Statistically speaking, almost any job one finds during the career planning process is likely to be safer.

As far as career facts, what more do you need to know? The crocodile is a powerful, killing machine that is at least two hundred million years old.  Larger crocodiles can be as much as sixteen feet long and weight about 2,600 pounds.  Its like an SUV with teeth made out of muscle that likes ripping things apart.  With this in mind, one really has to wonder how recruitment takes place.  “Oh take a seat Doug and let me tell you about the world of crocodile wrangling.”  This is one job you probably want to skip!

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