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Fire Lookout

Fire Lookout

Career Advice on How to Become A Fire Lookout

Have you simply had enough with people and want to get away from it all?  Then a job working as a fire lookout might just be the answer.  This job should be pretty low-key and great for those who feel that they have had too much stress in their lives.  Of course, unless there is a fire!  It should come as no shocker that the U.S. Forest Service usually employs a fire lookout.  Forest fire lookouts are trained to read maps and spot forest fires, then alert the authorities as to the fact that there is a fire.  Most of the time the job will be peaceful and have a very low level of stress.

Career Facts:

If you are afraid of heights you can leave this job off of your job search.  Fire lookouts are positioned a top towers so that they can get good views for miles in every direction.  Once they see a fire they radio in their reports.  Numerous countries around the world have fire lookouts, including the United States, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia, to name a few.  Over the years, many writers who have worked as fire lookouts have later go on to fame, such as Jack Kerouac.

People who serve as fire lookouts get to spend their days in some of the most beautiful national parks in the world.  So if you enjoy nature and really want to get away from it all, you just may have found the perfect position.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

Due to the recent unfortunate increase in forest fires, prospects for this job currently look good.

Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

It is not uncommon for fire lookouts to spend several days in a row at their station.  The work can be lonely and boring, but it also can be quite peaceful.  The only real pressure is to make sure that you spot the smoke when it comes.

Average Salary:

No one gets rich working as a fire lookout, and the jobs are usually seasonal.  Volunteers staff many fire lookout towers.  Those interested in working as a fire lookout shouldn’t expect to make more than a $10 per hour.

Career Training and Qualifications:

A college degree is not required for the job, so career planning necessities are fairly minimal.  Of course, being able to read a map is a big plus.  It is also optimal if you have good vision.  Someone with poor eyesight will definitely not be very effective at this job.

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