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Celebrity Ghostwriter

Celebrity Ghostwriter

Career Advice on How to Become A Celebrity Ghostwriter

In general, a ghostwriter writes agrees to write a work for someone else who then takes all credit.   The practice is not at all uncommon.  It is frequently seen in almost every industry, including the entertainment industry.  It is a well-known fact that most celebrities have to sign their names using an “X” or a prefabricated stamp.  (Many celebrities can’t even read or write. We’re looking at you, Tom Cruise.)

As a result, ghostwriters are almost always employed to “help” celebrities write “their” books.  The job of celebrity ghostwriter is an interesting one, if you can get it.

Career Facts:

Most celebrity ghostwriters are shocked to learn how incoherent and scrambled the thoughts of a celebrity can be.  Years of drug and alcohol abuse, combined with serious mental illness and megalomania, create an interesting cocktail of rambling thoughts that can be something of a challenge for the ghostwriter.  

Would be celebrity ghostwriters need to realize that any question they ask can (and likely will) be misinterpreted as disrespect, and a chorus of “do you know who I am?” is likely to be heard.  

Here is some advice for your career planning purposes.  The best way to break into the field is to produce a body of work that enables one to first land a good agent.  But be warned while a celebrity may sign a deal for millions for their “cupcake and cookie book,” you will be lucky to receive a few good crumbs.

Career Opportunities and Job Outlook-Good:

It is almost impossible to know with complete accuracy what the future holds for the lowly celebrity ghostwriter.  But there is no indication that the job will soon “dry up and disappear.”  The world’s continued fascination with vacuous and hollow celebrities all but assure that more ghostwriters will be needed to help crank out there children’s books, weight loss plans and so on.

Job Outlook is Good

A Day in The Life:

The celebrity ghostwriter is likely to spend their day writing the next great American ego stroking “autobiography” for an illiterate, knuckle dragging celebrity.  Or perhaps it will be a children’s book that in some way, shape or form has to do with the Kabbalah or Buddhism.  Either way it will be an experience.

Average Salary:

The salary of the celebrity ghostwriter depends largely on experience, reputation and the quality of one’s agent.  However, just be sure you understand well before your job search even begins that you will be making far less money from the book than the celebrity.

Career Training and Qualifications:

A celebrity ghostwriter needs to be able to write and not laugh in the face of a celebrity.

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